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Jun 5, 2007

En esta edición del Indyspensable tuvimos la oportunidad no solo de ver sino de hablar con el cantante de un grupo que para mí puede llegar a ser eso: indispensable. Farrah, si alguno se ha perdido y no sabe quien son ¿a qué estáis esperando? http://www.myspace.com/farrah

 Estos chicos del este de Londres vienen pegando con fuerza con su tercer disco: "Cut out and Keep" powerpop en estado puro( muy al estilo Rock Indiana) y unas letras muy acidas son la mezcla perfecta para hacer vibrar a un publico entregado. Nosotros tuvimos la ocasión de hablar con su vocalista que nos comento un poco su trayectoria, sus influencias y lo mucho que había disfrutado tocando en España todas las veces, porque esta no era su primera vez ni será la ultima, estarán en "El Sol" (Madrid) en tres semanas. Así que ya sabéis si no queréis dejar de disfrutar aquí tenéis una muestra de lo simpático que es Jez Ashurst, la entrevista está en inglés, si quereis una traducción solicitarnosla en la sección contactar con nosotros.

P: Are you from London?R: Me and Andy are from York but we live in London P: London is a cool place for the music, isn’t it?R: It is really cool at the moment but five years ago it wasn’t. Madrid is also very cool city. London is very exciting to live. We live in eastern London, the “real London”. We’ve been living there for ten years P: Congratulations for this concert, it was really funny. Do you enjoy what you do? R: I love my life. It is really exciting to play in a festival where most of people never herd about Farrah. This is our chance to introduce the band to them. It was a really big stage and there were a lot of people, everyone is having fun, we had a great time, but this is my favourite time, after work when I get “borracho”. It’s been a long day because we flew to Madrid today, six o’clock in the morning we were awake so I need to drink to keep awake. We played new songs from the new record and it is amazing there were some people singing so it is great some people know the record from before. We were very welcome. P: which kind of influences do you have? Which bands do you like?R: I like American bands; we have a lot of influences. I also like Weezer, Squeeze, and another American: Wilco…and basically Queen, Jellyfish, you know: Elvis Costello and people like that…The Police. Every one has different influences but especially Supergrass when I listen to them I thought: that’s a cool band P: This is your third LP, who was the job? R: It is interesting that this album has been realised at the same time everywhere in the world. The Last record we were playing a lot. It is a really good thing to play new songs, especially for the people, they are looking forward to listening new things P: Have you been playing before in Spain?R. Yeah, I think this is our tenth time, We have been playing in Castellon, Valencia, Galicia, La Coruña, Bilbao, Barcelona… a lot of different cities, we know Spain more now than we did, with every show we always had a really good time. Each time we are playing in different places with different bands. This is the first time we have seen Santi Campos and we know each other for seven years ago to Rock Indiana but we never played together, it is really good. There are a lot of good bands from rock Indiana like Bombones. I think they were at the show and they were good. We have a good time avery time. P: You are enjoying this festivalR: why not? It is Spain, it is warm, and it is free… P: where did you learn Spanish? R: Santi Campos, he told me all the bad words in Spanish, so I can swear in Spanish, and say bad words…but I can’t remember everything, I would like to come some day and stay longer  P: A new record on mind?R: this record is very new to us; we are going to be playing this for six months, and then we back to work out into the studio and try to make another record, but it is hard every time to make a record because each record you make you think is great and you have to make a better one otherwise why to make a record; this time we are feeling this is the best Farrah record. At the moment we are just enjoying playing. I don’t believe it must be serious when you are writing the songs maybe you have t be serious but after all you must enjoy it. It is a show, it is entertainment. I love artist who realized the crowed, there are people there. You have to fun. P: when do you meet each other?R: andy, the guitarist and myself we went to the same school so we meet each other for a long time and then Mike join was five years ago and Michell join four years ago, she moves from Australia to join the band so it was friends of friends. Michell was in a band called “Montana” which was really good band from Sydney Australia. We were this year in Sydney because Michelle is from there and we went to a pub. At the end, Andy and me are friends from a long time and the other that’s friends of friends. P: where do you found the inspiration for such a sweet lyrics?R: I think my lyrics are really mean and nasty. The lyrics are really sparked on this record. I think the music is really sweet, a read my lyrics and I think wow, and they are nasty. The songs I write are about everything around me. I write about my friends and love, being drunk, partying. All kind of places, you know you listen to great songs and think: I wish I could write like that song… P: do you know other bands from Spain?R: Every one we played with like “The winner is” and “Bombones” and “biscuits” but we don’t know any famous sapanish bands because always we are playing with bands from rock Indiana. The band is playing tonight I think is quite popular, Sidonie…I do not know so much Spanish music but every time I come here I can see good bands. I think Spanish have a good such a melody, we like Spanish bands.  P: what differences do you find between American bands, English bands and Spanish ones?R: Only the language, it is a pitty I can’t understand the lyrics in Spanish, but I think influences in Spain are very expanded. When we play in France, every band sound like Muse or Radiohead but when you come to Spain the bands sounds more like The Beatles, Crowed House…more melodies, there are great musicians in Spain. The only difference I found are the lyrics because I don’t understand but anyway we love Spanish bands. English bands are all more attitude, they are looking cool but after the songs are maybe shit…Image is the most important thing in England, that’s sad because there are  great Spanish bands which sound fantastic but they don’t focused on looking cool, and I like that, why you have to be pretending something you are not. P: When is going to be your next concert in Spain?R: We are going to play in “El Sol” in three weeks, and we will play in Valencia as well. I hope t come back in October and start a big tour because Radio 3 has been playing a lot Farrah. We re very excited to play this new record in Spain and to see people likes and know it so we have to come back. 


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