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Musiqueando con…BRETT ANDERSON


Nov 7, 2009

El ex cantante de Suede, Brett Anderson metido en faena de promoción de su nuevo disco ‘Slow Attack’, nos atendió en una breve entrevista de la cual no os podéis perder, sin desperdicio como su nuevo álbum, ya estamos a la espera para su directo…


1. What does “Slow Attack” mean? Does it mean attacking from a slow change? If you compare the time line in Suede (stormy) with your personal career, would your last work be a slow attack?

Slow Attack is a musical term meaning to fade in. i liked the inherent contradiction of the words and the sense that it implied that the album would creep up on you.  like a murderer.

2. Which influences did you have while composing this new album? What do you currently listen to?

Slow Attack was influenced very much by film sound tracks, late Talk Talk, Mark Hollis, Sigur Ros , Bert Jansch and the poetry of Ted Hughes

3. What was the last concert you attend on?

The Cult – Royal Albert Hall

4. What was the last album you bought?

Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions

5. The song that I could listen from your website seems to be closer to Morrissey. Did you give “Glam stage” up?

i can only make the kind of music which comes naturally to me. Slow Attack feels like an honest statement of where i am as an artist in 2009



1. When is Brett Anderson coming to Madrid?

Some of my favorite ever shows have been in Barcelona and Madrid so I am constantly bombarding my agent with requests to come to Spain. however, it doesn't  quite work like that and is more often in the hands of local promoters

2. As I have seen, “Slow Attack” is a melodic album; it seems to me as a soundtrack for a spy film. Have you ever think about making songs for a film?

The album was conceived as a kind of soundtrack to a film that doesn't exist so yes, one day i would love to pursue working within this media

3. Is cello including in the song? Is there any new instrument?

 the main new texture are the  woodwind instruments which , i hope , give the album it's own special atmosphere. they provide a warmth and size to the sound which is unique to them. the decision to use woodwind was inspired by the work of Mark Hollis. i like that bassoon, flute, oboe and clarinet tend to be under-used in rock and pop music.

4. What inspired you to choose that record sleeve? It inspires: autumn, coldness, sadness…

i wanted my identity to become more obscure on this album sleeve. i have little interest in promoting myself as a 'celebrity' and  thought the vague, multi-layered reflections captured something magical without being just another portrait of an artist.


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