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Ene 12, 2010

Anticipamos la relación de nuevos trabajos que se editan en el mes de ENERO de 2.010 por parte de bandas de Hard Rock y Heavy Metal, para que estéis atentos a lo nuevo que se avecina. Además, hacemos una relación de los publicados en el mes de DICIEMBRE de 2.009. Al loro:


Abraxas – Wretched Existence

Absentation – Claves Inferni

Aeturnus Dominion – Annihilation Process

Agrypnie – 16[485]

Ajattara – Joululevy

Akroma – Seth [EP]

Aktor – Zero Order [REEDICIÓN]
Alarum – Natural Causes

Alcest/Les Discrets – Split
Angel Dust

Aosoth – Ashes of Angels

Arena – The Tinder Box Ashes You Leave – Songs Of The Lost

Asphyx (Hol) – Depths of Eternity [2CD]
Behemoth [DVD]

Blacklisted – No One Deserves To Be Here… [LP/MP3]
Blackmore's Night

Carach Angren – Death Came Through A Phantom Ship

Carpathian Forest – Universal Evil Chaosphere

– Anthems To Agony Circle Of Dead Children – Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer

Coronatus – Fabula Magna

Crack Up – From the Ground [REEDICIÓN]
Crest Of Darkness Crimson Glory – Metatron, Lucifer And The Divine Chaos


Crystal Ball – Virtual Empire [REEDICIÓN]

Dark Arena – Flowing Black


Death Angel – Sonic German Beatdown [DVD]

Decayed – Shadowland [EP]

Deep Purple

Defeated Sanity – Chapters Of Repugnance


Deftones – Eros


Destruction – A Savage Symphony – The History Of Annihilation [DVD]

Détente – Decline Disharmonic Orchestra – Ahead [REEDICIÓN]


Enemy Of The Sun


EpidemiaЭльфийская Рукопись [DVD]

Europe – Almost Unplugged [DVD]

Farmakon – Syan

Faust (Ita) – From Glory to Infinity [PIC DISC]

Forgotten Tomb – Under Saturn Retrograde Fortid – Völuspá Part III: Fall Of The Ages

Fragile Vastness

Freedom Hawk – Freedom Hawk
Goddess Of Desire – The Power Of Metal Compels You

Godgory – Way Beyond [REEDICIÓN]
Golem – Dreamweaver [REEDICIÓN]
Grand Magus

Herod – Curse Of The King [EP]

Homo Iratus [EP]

Iced Earth – Festivals Of The Wicked [DVD]

Illnath – Three Nights In The Sewers Of Sodom In-Quest – Made Out Of Negative Matter

Impetuous Ritual – Relentless Execution of Ceremonial…

Isis – Live 5 [Live]

Katagory V

Kimaera – Solitary Impact

Kodiak/Nadja – Split

Krypteria – My Fatal Kiss
Laethora – The Light In Which We All Burn


Madrigal – I Die, You Soar [REEDICIÓN]
Magic Kingdom – Symphony Of War Mammoth Grinder – Extinction of Humanity
Manowar – Hammer Of The Gods

Megadeth – Blood In The Water: Live In San Diego [DVD]

Mistweaver – Tales From The Grave

Morian – Ashen Empire Morifade

– Empire Of Souls

Mortician [DVD]

Mudvayne – Mudvayne

Nadja – Belles Betes
Nadja – Under the Jaguar Sun [2CD]
Nanowar Of Steel – Metropolis Pt. 3: The Legacy Natron

– Rot Among Us


Noriega – Desolo

Oath To Vanquish – The Ruinous Fate Of The Blind Oblique Rain – October Dawn


Odroerir – Götterlieder II

Orphanage – Driven [REEDICIÓN]
Ozzy Osbourne

Panzerchrist – Regiment Ragnarok



Reverend Bizarre – Magick With Tears [RECOPILACIÓN]

Riverside – Reality Dream [DVD]

Rosetta/Year of No Light/East of the Wall – Split
Resurrected – Fierce

Sabaton – Live At The Front [DVD]




Severe Torture

Sinergy – Sins Of The Past

Sinister (NLD) – Prophecies Denied [REEDICIÓN]
SpellBlast – Battlecry Stratovarius

– Elements Pt. 1 [REEDICIÓN]
Stratovarius – Elements Pt. 2 [REEDICIÓN]
Suicidal Angels – Live Domination [DVD]
Tad Morose

Tank – Sturmpanzer Tankard

– Open All Night – Reloaded [DVD]
The Absence – Enemy Unbound

The Binary Code – Suspension of Disbelief

The Kovenant – Aria Galactica The Wounded – Hail To The King

Thine Eyes Bleed

Thunderstone – The Burning [REEDICIÓN]

Vader [EP]

Virgin Black – Requiem – Pianissimo

Visceral Bleeding

Ywolf – Dark Gothic Orchestral


ENERO DE 2.010

Día 05 Buzzov*en – Violence From The Vault

Día 08 Bloodbath – Breeding Death [REEDICIÓN / EP]

Día 08 Exodus – Shovel Headed Tour Machine (Live At Wacken And Other Assorted Atrocities) [DVD]

Día 08 Lost Dreams – Wage Of Disgrace

Día 12 AM Conspiracy – AM Conspiracy

Día 12 Ingested – Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering

Día 12 Rimfrost – Veraldar Nagli

Día 15 Astral Doors – Requiem Of Time

Día 15 Dark Sanctuary – Dark Sanctuary

Día 15 Demonic Resurrection – The Return To Darkness

Día 15 Iron Mask – Shadow Of The Red Baron

Día 15 Mnemic – Sons Of The System

Día 15 Valkyrja – Contamination

Día 17 Onward To Olympas – This World Is Not My Home

Día 18 Abigor – Time Is The Sulphur In The Veins Of The Saint: An Excursion On Satan's Fragmenting Principle

Día 18 Annotations Of An Autopsy – The Reign Of Darkness

Día 18 Blacklodge

Día 18 In Vain – Mantra

Día 19 A Hero A Fake – Let Oceans Lie

Día 19 Dawn Of Demise – A Force Unstoppable

Día 19 Divine Eve – Vengeful And Obstinate [EP]

Día 19 Sigh – Scenes From Hell

Día 19 Six Feet Under – Graveyard Classics III


Día 22 Dark Fortress – Ylem

Día 22 Node – In The End Everything Is A Gag

Día 22 Orden Ogan – Easton Hope

Día 22 Varg – Bluutar

Día 25 Aspera – Ripples

Día 25 Church Of Misery – Early Works [REEDICIÓN]

Día 25 Deathbound – Non Compos Mentis

Día 25 Dream Evil – In The Night

Día 25 Ihsahn – After

Día 25 Myrath – Desert Call

Día 26 Avsky – Scorn

Día 26 Carpathian Forest – We're Going To Hollywood For This – Live Perversions [REMASTERIZADO]

Día 26 Divide The Sea – Man

Día 26 Imperium Dekadenz – Procella Vadens

Día 26 Fozzy – Chasing The Grail

Día 26 Green Carnation – Alive And Well… In Kraków

Día 26 Living Sacrifice – The Infinite Order

Día 26 Suicidal Tendencies – Live At The Olympic Auditorium [DVD]

Día 26 Suicide Commando – Implements Of Hell

Día 29 Bruce Kulick – BK3

Día 29 Crematory – Infinity

Día 29 Excalion – High Time

Día 29 Keel – Streets Of Rock & Roll

Día 29 Keel – The Right To Rock: 25th Anniversary Edition

Día 29 Overkill – Ironbound

Día 29 Pressure Points – Remorses to Remember

Día 29 The Murder Of My Sweet – Divanity

Día 29 Thrudvangar

Día 29 While Heaven Wept – Of Empires Forlorn

Día 29 While Heaven Wept – Sorrow Of The Angels [REEDICIÓN]

Día 29 Wig Wam – Non Stop Rock and Roll

Día 29 Winter's Verge – Tales Of Tragedy

Día 31 Abalam – Thy Eternal Sin


Aún sin día concreto de salida:

Canvas Solaris – Irradiance

Cloven Hoof – Throne Of Damnation [EP]

Pure Inc

Vhan – Hero Vs Hero

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